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Wuala for Dropbox Users

29th April 2011 - By Aaron Gadberry

First off, my shameless referral link. Use it to get 2GB instead of 1GB.

If you haven’t checked out Wuala yet, you really should. Dropbox has had several security concerns recently and Wuala is a more functional alternative. Maybe all you want is folder sync, but look at what Wuala can do and you may change your mind.

How isn’t Wuala like Dropbox?

  • Wuala is not a sync utility, it is a P2P online storage utility. Wuala files are not on your PC, they are in the P2P cloud.
  • The Wuala client is not a daemon (although you can treat it like one if you want, see Sync below)
  • You can have access to a 60GB music collection on 3 PCs without using 180GB
  • Logging off means your files are no longer available on the computer.
  • The Wuala client is psuedo read only.
    • You create a new local drive during install in order to have full read/write functionality.
  • Wuala encrypts your files client-side with AES 128-bit encryption.
    • The original, unencrypted files are never uploaded.
  • You get 1GB of online space free. (Or 2GB by clicking on this link)
  • You can go ‘pro’ by either paying or trading space.
    • Pro means you can use Sync (like Dropbox), and other benefits like Backup.
  • You can trade space to get more online storage.
    • You store their encrypted files and they store yours.
    • The more you share the more you get up to 100GB.
  • Logged off you stay connected to the P2P network and continue to gain uptime (relevant to trading space).

How is Wuala like Dropbox?

  • Sync will keep a Wuala online folder in sync with a local PC folder.
    • Do this on multiple computers to emulate Dropbox.
    • Or this can just keep an up to date offline copy.
  • There are Android and iPhone clients
  • There is a web client (Java applet to support client side decryption)

Sign up here

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Installing a OCZ Vertex 2 SSD in a Lenovo T60p

14th March 2011 - By Aaron Gadberry

Well I was very pleased to receive my 120GB OCZ Vertex SSD today, but disappointed when it didn’t fit in my Lenovo T60p. After doing some google searches I didn’t find anyone else with the problem. Isn’t it strange that when google has no results we assume we are doing something wrong?!?

Anyways I tried seating it about 20 times, and was finally able to get it to go all the way in. Don’t force it, just jiggle it. It will go. It may help to remove the bumpers and get it in with just the tray, and then try again with the bumpers.

Good luck!

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All Android Market Downloads Unsuccessful

2nd September 2010 - By Aaron Gadberry

Yesterday all of my attempts to download from the Android Market on my Samsung Moment were met with a nagging “Download Unsuccessful” message. The app ended up appearing in the Downloads list of the market, but was not installed. This happened for all apps across all publishers.

I reset the phone, I re-synced my primary google account (google apps), added my gmail google account, updated Profile, updated PRA, cleared the Market cache, turned the phone off and took out the battery for a few minutes, and still continued to have the problem. I called tech support and went through to 3rd tier pretty quickly only to have the guy suggest a reset to factory. I said I hoped that Google had more answers than Sprint and hung up.

Sure enough on Google this morning I found this page. Just so you don’t have to go read it all, what worked for me is below:

Applications–>Settings–>Applications–>Manage applications
Menu–>Filter: All
Download Manager–>Clear data

And what do you know…I get my ability to download back without doing a factory reset.

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Facebook Phonebook

9th July 2010 - By Aaron Gadberry

Yesterday I saw a status message set to:

*WARNING**Go to the top right of your screen, click Account & then click Edit Friends. Go to the left side of your screen and click Phonebook. Everyone’s phone # is being published. Please repost (sic) to let your friends know of this change in security, so that they can remove their phone numbers or change their privacy settings…

I went and checked out my Phonebook and noticed that all the phone numbers in there were from Facebook friends that had them listed in their profiles. I think it’s not so bad for Facebook to organize the information that people have made available to me already. Apparently this is a pretty old feature I had just never seen. False alarm. Nothing to see here.

Then I saw this message at the top of the screen.

To learn more about Phonebook or to delete any contacts imported from your phone, click here.

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My Top 20 Movies

20th October 2009 - By Aaron Gadberry

  1. Primal Fear
  2. American History X
  3. American Gangster
  4. The Professional
  5. Terminator 2
  6. Silence of the Lambs
  7. Empire Records
  8. The Shawshank Redemption
  9. Armageddon
  10. Braveheart
  11. Tombstone
  12. Super Troopers
  13. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  14. The Italian Job
  15. Real Genius
  16. Memento
  17. Fight Club
  18. Speed 1
  19. Matrix 1
  20. Princess Bride

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