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Sites Worth Your Time


  • Slashdot – News for nerds
  • SlickDeals – Easy way to get good deals on various products



Family / Friends

Software Worth Your Time


  • SynergyFree utility allows the use of more than one computer with just one mouse and keyboard
  • EditPlus – Everything in one text editor
  • UltraMon – Multi-monitor management including a task bar on all monitors
  • reCAPTCHAFree captcha software that helps translate/digitize the Internet Archive
  • DigsbyFree instant messaging client that supports profiles with accounts from all providers, support for email, twitter, etc
  • ParkdaleFree hard drive benchmark utility

Audio / Video

  • ffmpegFree fast audio / video encoder, good for automated tasks
  • MEncoder ShellFree batch video converter
  • LAMEFree mp3 encoder, good for automated tasks
  • RazorLameFree front end GUI for LAME, good for local tasks
  • E.A.C.Free very accurate audio cd to wav/mp3 file converter
  • XviDFree most excellent video codecs around
  • AudacityFree good audio editor and recorder
  • AVI-Mux GUIFree avi editor to change included / default audio and subtitle tracks
  • mkvmerge GUIFree mkv editor to change included / default audio and subtitle tracks


  • ApacheFree best web server software out there
  • MySQLFree best database software out there
  • PHPFree best coding language out there
  • Plesk – Pretty good control panel software (couple with atomicrocketturtle.com from above list)


  • EclipseFree best Java IDE
  • WordPressFree quick and easy website and blog software

References Worth Your Time

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