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Update Epic 4G from FROYO.DK28 to Gingerbread.EI22

21st December 2011 - By Aaron Gadberry

I was one of the unfortunate ones that updated to DK28 in the first days that Froyo was released on the Sprint Epic 4G. The Gingerbread.EI22 update that came out in November did not appear as an available update on my Epic, because I had Froyo.DK28, and it is only an update for Froyo.EC05. Unfortunately, there is no OTA path from DK28 to EC05, nor one from DK28 to EI22. I opted to flash from DK28 to EC05 manually, and then follow the OTA updates to EI22. In the process of the manual update to EC05, unfortunately I would have lost all applications and data, so that added the complication of rooting before the flash, and after the eventual EI22 update, in order to restore the application data.

  1. Root the existing Froyo.DK28 using instructions found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1076967
  2. Backup applications and data using Titanium backup (I bought the PRO version, although it looks like you could accomplish what is needed with the free one)
  3. Odin back to EC05 using instructions found here (addl instructions below): Flash/Restore to Froyo EC05
    • Download and Install drivers first (they fail to actually tell you to install them)
    • Change Odin to compatibility mode for XP SP3 and run it as an administrator
    • Sometimes it may help to remove the SD Card and/or Battery before entering download mode
    • If you get stuck, like I did, realize that Odin is very picky about USB cables
    • As long as you can get back to the downloading mode, you should be ok
  4. Boot into the stock EC05, and check Settings > About Phone > System Updates > Update Android. It should be downloading Gingerbread.EI22. Let the update complete.
  5. Root the new Gingerbread.EI22 using the instructions found here: http://forums.androidcentral.com/epic-4g-rooting-roms-hacks/132495-rooting-ei22-gingerbread-instructions.html or here:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1339478
    • The instructions have a bad link to ACSRecovery1.0.0.5.tar.md5 and su-3.0-efgh-signed.zip but the good link can be found on page 11
    • Be sure to get the file ending in md5. For some of these there are .tar and .tar.md5 so be careful.
  6. Reinstall Titanium backup from the market and restore applications and data

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