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All Android Market Downloads Unsuccessful

2nd September 2010 - By Aaron Gadberry

Yesterday all of my attempts to download from the Android Market on my Samsung Moment were met with a nagging “Download Unsuccessful” message. The app ended up appearing in the Downloads list of the market, but was not installed. This happened for all apps across all publishers.

I reset the phone, I re-synced my primary google account (google apps), added my gmail google account, updated Profile, updated PRA, cleared the Market cache, turned the phone off and took out the battery for a few minutes, and still continued to have the problem. I called tech support and went through to 3rd tier pretty quickly only to have the guy suggest a reset to factory. I said I hoped that Google had more answers than Sprint and hung up.

Sure enough on Google this morning I found this page. Just so you don’t have to go read it all, what worked for me is below:

Applications–>Settings–>Applications–>Manage applications
Menu–>Filter: All
Download Manager–>Clear data

And what do you know…I get my ability to download back without doing a factory reset.

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