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Teather a Laptop to a Sanyo PRO-700 for Internet via Bluetooth

29th August 2008 - By Aaron Gadberry

Update: This may no longer work without a tethering plan

After 7 calls and 2.5 hours on hold with Sprint I have finally done it.
It was really not that difficult, I just needed the special number to dial (#777) to make it happen.
For the rest of you here is a step by step guide.

  1. Turn bluetooth on for the PC and the phone (Menu, Settings, Bluetooth, On)
  2. Add the computer as a trusted device on the phone (Shouldn’t be necessary but it seems to not work without this configured first)
    1. On the phone visit Menu, Settings, Bluetooth, Trusted Devices, Add New
    2. Choose search. Select your PC name from the list and choose “Add to Trusted”
    3. Enter a NUMERIC pin on the phone. Press Done
    4. The System Tray on the PC will pop up with a pair request. Click on it and enter the code you just entered on the phone. Press OK.
    5. Name the device on the phone (or leave it the same) and press OK
  3. Make the phone visible (Menu, Settings, Bluetooth, Visibility, Visible for 3 min.)
  4. Open My Bluetooth Places on the PC (Right click on Bluetooth System Tray Icon)
  5. Choose Bluetooth Setup Wizard link on the left of My Bluetooth Places.
  6. Choose “I know the service I want to use and I want to find a Bluetooth device that provides that service” and press Next.
  7. Choose “Dial Up Networking” and press next.
  8. Choose the icon representing your phone and press next.
  9. Press “Configure”
  10. Press “Configure” again
  11. Put in the phone number #777 and press Ok twice. Press Finish
  12. Bubble will appear from System Tray asking about pairing. Click on it.
  13. Enter an security code using NUMBERS and press Ok
  14. Phone will alert you of an attempted pairing. Choose Yes, enter the security code you just made up and then choose ok.
  15. Connection will succeed and Dial Up Networking dialog will appear on the computer.
  16. Username and password should be empty and phone number should be #777. Press Dial
  17. It should connect. Your phone will ask you if you want to accept the connection. Say yes
  18. The phone screen will change to read Data Connection.
  19. Your computer is online!

Other things you can do to improve your experience…

  • Turn on auto-accept on the phone for the trusted device
  • Stop the PC from asking you the username, password and phone number by…
    1. Right click on the phone in the My Bluetooth Places screen and choose properties
    2. Choose Configure, then the options tab
    3. Uncheck prompt for name and password and prompt for phone number
    4. Choose OK and then OK again

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