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Why I’m voting Ron Paul in 2008

1st November 2007 - By Aaron Gadberry

I’m a fairly average American citizen. For my entire life I have felt like the good old days of America passed long ago. Don’t get me wrong…this country rocks, but we’ve become so dominated by government and business that it’s only a matter of time until freedom as we know it is extinct. You may look around and see a free country, but you need to realize the first freedoms are always the hardest to take away. Like anything, it’s the small compromises in the beginning that open the door to the large concessions later. As a nation we made these small compromises long ago, and as a result we have no control over the large concessions, such as the indefinite suspending of Habeas Corpus or warrentless wiretapping.

The loss of liberty during my lifetime alone has been astounding. Business is running to other countries to avoid SOX compliance, we’re told how we may and may not punish our children’s and police brutality is worse than ever. Above the freedoms we have lost individually, the country has lost it’s own sovereignty as well. The United States is subject to the authority of the WTO and is facing a $100 billion potential fine for banning internet gambling and sanctions of unspecified billions for cotton subsidies. We now live in a country where our government is limited by outside organizations. So much for being top dog.

If recent years are telling a tale of what is to come, then we are indeed entering troubled times. In societies throughout the world, once rights are revoked they are rarely restored. If they are returned then they are typically again removed through a different avenue. Our freedoms are an extremely limited natural resource and should be guarded with our lives. We have come to a point, however, where the average American citizen can do nothing within reason to protect individual liberties. With this conclusion, it is only a matter of time until we have none left, and our country will have traded the ways of Democracy for those of Socialism (or Fascism, depending on whether you believe government or business will take over). I estimate this to be within 50 to 150 years. Is that the country we want to live in and leave for our children?

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