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Heroes Season One Finale Rant

17th September 2007 - By Aaron Gadberry

What the hell? Such a great season with so much promise ends with a complete disaster. Seemingly random abilities are somehow developed as a result of major evolutionary steps, although the children of the evolved do not carry on the ability of the parents, meaning they somehow evolved in a different way??? In line with the fantasy element of the show, I am willing to accept that seemingly random person x has seemingly random power y and they can wield it at will. However, blatant contradictions are just stupid. How can a script writer not remember the rules of his own universe?

1) Hiro just runs up to Sylar and stabs him. If we remember, Hiro tried this before while time was frozen and still failed. And Hiro would have had his head in the game much more than Sylar, because Sylar had just killed his own mother. What a ridiculous decision not to have Hiro freeze time to stab him, or do like DL and teleport the sword directly into Sylar. It might as well have been Ando with the sword after all.

2) Nathan has to carry off Peter to save NY? That makes no sense at all. The first power Peter found was his ability to fly. He could have flown himself anywhere, anytime. Alternatively he could have frozen time and run away, teleported to a desert or the sky where Nathan carried him, or just learned to control the power like Ted and Sylar did. Are they suggesting that Peter, with the most powers of anyone, and was trained in how to control them, was inferior at controlling them compared to Sylar and/or Ted? Nathan did not have to die. Not to mention, Claire could have just shot him in the head/chest and he would have regenerated. Niki could have knocked him out. There were literally hundreds of solutions, even suggested ones in the plot, that did not involve Nathan dying needlessly. They completely failed to justify why Nathan carrying him off was the best solution.

3) Peter met Ted in the middle of New York. Peter knew he was going to be the exploding man. He was going to leave for Nevada. He never followed through on this and no reason was given why. On top of this he met Ted in downtown NY. Talk about stupid. Not only that but he met Sylar there too.

4) Planning this series of events would not only have been improbable, but completely impossible. Even the notion that Linderman, Angela Petrelli and Charles could have known about what was going to happen before Isaac painted it is unexplained. To somehow conclude that they planned for this to occur and there was “nothing that could be done about it” starting as far back as Claire’s birth and Niki and DL getting together is absolutely ridiculous. There were so many ways to stop NY from exploding that almost happened or could have happened that the line “there is nothing you can do to stop it” became the biggest farce in the entire show.

I really really liked the show as a whole, but the last episode was inexcusably bad.

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