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eBay Woes

7th January 2007 - By Aaron Gadberry

System: Initial Question/Comment: Selling
10:42:04 AM System: Madison K. has joined this session!
10:42:04 AM System: Connected with Madison K.
10:42:09 AM Madison K.: Hello, welcome to eBay live chat. My name is Madison. May I please have your User ID and first name to start off?
10:42:15 AM soldstucco: soldstucco
10:42:49 AM soldstucco: when i changed my payment options last night it also changed my shipping options to local pickup only.
10:43:10 AM soldstucco: I never chose local pickup only, but now it will not let me change it
10:43:23 AM soldstucco: I’m under revise your listing
10:43:29 AM Madison K.: Okay, may I have the item number please?
10:43:33 AM soldstucco: yes
10:44:13 AM soldstucco: 260071482230
10:44:59 AM Madison K.: Thank you, I’ll take a look into this for you.
10:47:29 AM Madison K.: Since there is already a bid on this item, you won’t be able to revise the shipping options. To do this, you would need to end the item, and relist it with the correct information.
10:47:34 AM soldstucco: the issue is that i have a 300 dollar item with 5 hours left that people aren’t bidding on because it says local pickup
10:47:55 AM soldstucco: and I never chose local pickup. I left shipping options blank on purpose
10:48:30 AM soldstucco: and it WAS correct. then i slightly revised the description, got a bid, and now it says local pickup
10:50:00 AM Madison K.: The shipping options shouldn’t default to local pick up only, you may have accidentally selected it. Since there is less than 12 hours until the end time of your listing, you won’t be able to end the listing, however you can cancel bids if you would like.
10:50:21 AM soldstucco: can I cancel the bids and then revise the auction”?:
10:50:34 AM soldstucco: the 1 bid rather?
10:51:10 AM Madison K.: I’m afraid if you cancel bids you will still be unable to revise the shipping information. If you cancel the bid and let the listing end, you can then relist it if you would like.
10:51:43 AM soldstucco: it won’t end, it will be purchased for half price or so
10:51:53 AM soldstucco: which is unacceptable
10:52:13 AM soldstucco: this bidder is not even local. he knows it is not local only
10:52:48 AM soldstucco: he is expecting me to ship it, it would be fine with this one bidder to revise this portion
10:54:26 AM Madison K.: I understand your concern with this situation, however since there is a bid on your item and less than 12 hours until the end time of your listing, you would be able to cancel any bids on your listing until it ends.
10:55:14 AM soldstucco: that’s not true. how could I cancel the snipe bid in the last 30 seconds
10:55:26 AM soldstucco: can I cancel bids after someone wins?
10:57:53 AM Madison K.: No I’m afraid you would not be able to cancel bids after the item ends. If that were to happen, you could contact the member and let them know what happened, and you can file an Unpaid Item dispute to mutually agree not to complete the transaction. If a problem was to occur, you could contact our Trust and Safety department for further assistance to help resolve the situation.
10:58:23 AM soldstucco: I want this item removed from eBay. I will relist it at a later date.
11:01:03 AM Madison K.: I am unable to end the item for you. Once there is less than 12 hours left until the end time of your listing the system will automatically not allow the item to be ended. Sellers may cancel bids, but not end the item unless the item is being sold to the high bidder.
11:01:26 AM Madison K.: Sorry for the inconvenience.
11:01:45 AM soldstucco: I need a phone number to contact a supervisor that can end my auction.
11:02:38 AM Madison K.: At this time we do not offer phone support as eBay is an online community.
11:02:55 AM soldstucco: Then how will I speak to a supervisor?
11:03:43 AM Madison K.: Please know that a supervisor would be able to provide you with the same assistance as anyone else you speak with. Since the system automatically does not allow the item to be ended, we won’t be able to end it for you.
11:03:48 AM Madison K.: You can certainly cancel bids though.
11:04:55 AM soldstucco: can I bid on my own item
11:06:19 AM Madison K.: You aren’t allowed to bid on your own item.
11:07:24 AM soldstucco: if I cancel my one bid can you stp the auction
11:08:44 AM Madison K.: I’m afraid since there is less than 12 hours until the end time, I will still be unable to end the listing.
11:08:58 AM soldstucco: i need to speak to someone who can
11:10:54 AM Madison K.: The system will automatically not allow the item to be ended if there is less than 12 hours until the end time of the listing.
11:11:31 AM soldstucco: no one at the entire ebay organization can help me with this problem?
11:12:02 AM soldstucco: this legitimate, completely reasonable, very small problem
11:13:44 AM Madison K.: I’m sorry for the inconvenience, however you can cancel bids until the item has ended.
11:14:12 AM soldstucco: I already discussed with you why that would not work.
11:15:12 AM soldstucco: I am astonished at the lack of resolution for this simple problem.
11:15:29 AM soldstucco: How do I speak to your supervisor?
11:17:09 AM soldstucco: Where di my buy it now go? I had a $325 buy it now on that item?
11:17:20 AM Madison K.: I’ll transfer you to my supervisor. One moment please.
11:17:30 AM soldstucco: thank you
11:18:20 AM Madison K.: You’re welcome.
11:19:45 AM System: Madison K. has left this session!
11:19:45 AM System: Dave D. has joined this session!
11:19:45 AM System: Connected with Dave D.: 11:19:50 AM Dave D.: Hello, welcome to eBay General Support. My name is Dave and I’m the supervisor on shift. One moment please while I review your transcript with the previous rep.
11:19:56 AM soldstucco: thank you
11:21:05 AM Dave D.: So from what I can see, you are wanting to end your listing early, but haven’t been able to do that because there’s less than 12 hours left on the listing, is that correct?
11:22:15 AM soldstucco: because when i changed the description and acceptable payment types last night for some reason my shipping options changed to local pickup only and just realized also that my buy it now disappeared.
11:22:29 AM soldstucco: I did not click these options.
11:22:56 AM soldstucco: Now I have a bid as a result of my payment change, but I’m not going to get anymore as a result of the shipping and buy it now changes
11:25:41 AM Dave D.: Ok, the reason that your Buy It Now disappeared off your listing is due to that bid. When you have both a Buy It Now and an auction in the same listing, the auction takes priority, and when a bid is placed, the Buy It Now disappears.
11:25:56 AM Dave D.: Fortunately, you are only charged for one of the options, which ever one prevails
11:26:08 AM soldstucco: so now no-one can “buy it now”?
11:26:18 AM soldstucco: did that change?
11:26:36 AM soldstucco: cause I remember a few auctions where it was still there when bidding, granted it was a while ago
11:27:14 AM soldstucco: nm, this is not the issue at hand anyways. The issue is the shipping set to local pickup
11:27:56 AM Dave D.: Right. This is actually something that’s been happening intermittently to our sellers. The technicians have already been made aware of it, and are currently working to rectify the problem
11:28:16 AM soldstucco: Ok
11:28:51 AM Dave D.: Now normally, we’d be able to help you end the listing early and get a credit for the listing. However because there is less than 12 hours remaining in the listing, it’s actually too late to close it down, even for us.
11:29:27 AM soldstucco: Ok. How about this. I’ll buy my own item on my wife’s account, and you give me a credit for that.
11:29:34 AM soldstucco: Then I relist
11:30:16 AM Dave D.: Well that wouldn’t be a bad idea, however the problem with that is it will appear as shill bidding, which results in a 7 (minimum) suspension, which I’d really hate to see happen
11:31:03 AM Dave D.: Madison did have the right idea by suggesting that you check back just before the auction expires and cancel any remaining bids on it. This way it’ll end without a winning bidder, and you’ll be able to re-list the item with the correct info and still be able to request that credit
11:31:24 AM soldstucco: This is an item people will be using snipers one
11:31:25 AM soldstucco: on
11:31:41 AM soldstucco: 7 what suspension?
11:32:00 AM soldstucco: day?
11:32:11 AM Dave D.: My apologies, that should have been 7 day minimum suspension
11:32:11 AM Dave D.: That’s right
11:32:28 AM soldstucco: for which account? mine or wife’s?
11:32:50 AM Dave D.: It could actually result in both being suspended
11:33:10 AM soldstucco: Can’t we document this conversation and use it in case of an accusation of shill bidding?
11:34:36 AM Dave D.: This conversation will automatically be documented, but just simply the act of shill bidding will result in a suspension, no matter what the motive behind it is
11:34:56 AM soldstucco: And who can remove the suspension?
11:37:02 AM Dave D.: That would be handled by our Trust and Safety team, but they wouldn’t even take a look at your account until that minimum time frame of 7 days has passed by
11:37:14 AM soldstucco: Can you just change the shipping from local pickup to empty?
11:37:21 AM soldstucco: or default I mean?
11:38:12 AM Dave D.: I’d love to be able to do that, however because there is such little time, we can’t change or end the listing in anyway. Again, I’d suggest trying to cancel the bids near the end of the auction, and if there is in fact a winning bidder, just let them know what happened and you can mutually agree to cancel the transaction
11:39:21 AM soldstucco: Do I get a credit?
11:39:45 AM Dave D.: Yes, if you mutually agree not to complete it, you can still receive a credit
11:40:01 AM soldstucco: What if he won’t agree?
11:40:32 AM soldstucco: And does that include the listing fee, buy it now fee, picture fees, gallary fees, and final value fee?
11:41:17 AM Dave D.: Well that part I’m not 100% sure on, before we wrap up our chat, I can transfer you directly over to a billing agent who can answer those fees questions for you
11:41:40 AM soldstucco: What if the buyer won’t agree to a mutual closure?
11:42:21 AM soldstucco: he’s just going to have gotton a superb deal on a vacuum that he wants. I’m going to get neg feedback and he may not agree
11:44:12 AM Dave D.: If that happens, you can simply request to have that feedback removed from your profile. If he doesn’t agree to the mutual withdrawal, you can just simply explain to them that you aren’t able to sell the item, but you will re-list it so that they can bid on it again
11:46:07 AM soldstucco: This is really really dumb for a company that does this much business. I had considered using another auction site because of all of the fees, but stuck with eBay in order to reach a larger audience and run the auction on better software.
11:46:44 AM soldstucco: I am very disappointed with the resolution reached. I am severely disappointed in a bug that caused this issue.
11:47:11 AM soldstucco: And the inability for it to be resolved. Or even the ability to update my auction to inform the users.
11:48:00 AM soldstucco: I will be using this conversation as evidence in any case needed involving the refunding of fees and non-sale of the item to the buyer
11:48:23 AM Dave D.: Well let’s start with the canceling bids idea, as we can’t say for sure that there’s going to be anyone sniping your vacuum. If you find that there is a winning bidder on it, please contact our Live help again and we can start looking into some other options for you
11:48:35 AM soldstucco: ok

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