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Compression Testing

6th March 2006 - By Paradochs


So something’s wrong with your car. No? Then somethings wrong with your truck, suv, motorcycle, boat, etc. Why else would your be reading this?
I recently began having problems with my truck running very roughly. I figured a misfiring cylinder and started off by replacing sparkplugs and wires. When that didn’t fix it, I rebuilt the distributor. That didn’t do it either. I decided to try and find out if I had a different problem with the cylinders. I did a little research and decided that it wasn’t very hard to check the compression. The basic idea is that if the compression in a cylinder is considerably lower than the other cylinders, then you have a problem. The problem could be a valve, piston, piston ring, or probably a few other things that I don’t know about. Here’s how to do it.
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Barlow Girl Review

3rd March 2006 - By Aaron Gadberry

I saw Rebecca St. James, Barlow Girl and Jadon Lavik in concert tonight at Tree of Life Church and I must say it was a decent show. Tree is a good place for a concert, everyone had pretty good seats at the show, plus the facilities were top notch. No port-a-potty’s tonight!

Rebecca St. James seemed as if she was performing for people instead of for God. I hate to give a bad review like that, but that’s how it was. It was a performance in a can. Some of her prayers were even identical to those on her live album. I expected a more faith filled, worship time with her. On the bright side, her music sounded great. Her song written for Daniel, the title track of her new album, was sung with utter sincerity. More of that would have gone a long way tonight.

The act I have to rave about tonight was Barlow Girl. First off, who are they? I have a bio I wrote for Tree when we found out they were coming.

Touring with Rebecca St. James is another fantastic band called Barlow Girl. Barlow Girl is made up of three sisters, Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow. In 2004 they released a self-titled album, and then another, Another Journal Entry, followed in 2005. Some of you may know the song Barlow Girls by Superchick. These three sisters were the inspiration for that song. They have taken a stand for purity and faith in a difficult generation. For more information about Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren, visit their web site at http://www.barlowgirl.com

Now that you know that, let me tell you, these girls are truly living a God inspired life. They have made the easy to understand, but so difficult to live decision of selling out for God. It started with submission of their purity, and followed with all dating and their very life’s dreams. It seems as if they have fully submitted every aspect of their lives to the Lord. And it’s easy to see the favor of God surrounding them. They have a punk, sort of Evanescence, sound, however it wasn’t their music that struck me, it was their message. They are using their music to get a revelation to people that it’s ok not to conform to society. That you are an individual, with different tastes and strengths than those around you. That God has a divine purpose for your life, and if you aren’t living it then you are missing out.

Barlow Girl delivers the hardcore truth, and in the words of Jesus, “The truth shall set you free.” Their message is empowering and full of hope. It is desperately needed in a world striving for acceptance. Out of all of the talk about purity and their personal commitments, I never once got the impression that they were bragging or prideful, but that they were instead paving a road to make it easier for others to follow God.

These three girls very obviously build off each other. They are more than family; they are sisters in Christ. Because of their humility with others, accountability to each other, and God-given vision to fulfill, they will be around and increasing in popularity through the favor of God for a very long time.

Thank you Balow Girl, for being the one to say it.

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