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Archive for December, 2005

How To: Convert audio to another format on a web page

16th December 2005 - By Aaron Gadberry

You must have permissions to install software on your server.

First you will need to install and test ffmpeg. There are several ways of doing this. The way I accomplished this was using yum. If you’ve never used yum before then a different way might be easier.

I edited /etc/yum.conf to include the DAG repository by adding the following code

[dag] name=Dag RPM Repository for Fedora Core baseurl=http://apt.sw.be/fedora/$releasever/en/$basearch/dag gpgcheck=1 enabled=1

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How To: Setup Horde / IMP to use an external SMTP server

16th December 2005 - By Aaron Gadberry

This is a fairly simple process, so don’t worry too much before you get started. To complete this you will need permission to edit horde’s configuration file.

First you need to find horde’s configuration file, I use Plesk 7.5.4 Reloaded on FC3, so mine is located at /etc/psa-horde/horde/conf.php.

Next you need to open it in an editor. I like joe. You can open it with joe using joe /etc/psa-horde/horde/conf.php

You will need to change a few lines in this file, depending on Plesk and/or other software, some of these changes may already be made

$conf['mailer']['type'] = 'smtp'; $conf['mailer']['params']['host'] = 'your.smtp.server';

And that’s it. This change requires no reboots of the system or the software. Test it would by sending an email using the webmail interface.

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